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Wednesday Night Live (EvoScient Gynecology)

Hannah at The Moth Grand SLAM

Each Wednesday, Heard partners with Dr. Mary Ojo-Carons to address health concerns, and share insights about preventative care. To access all content, follow EvoScient Gynecology. 

Prior to producing for The Moth in Minneapolis, Hannah got to share the stage with the cities best raconteurs. Here is a story told whilst VERY pregnant to an audience of 1,000. 

HoLEP with Dr. Sobol of Urology of VA

In order to improve patient education, Dr. Sobol worked with Heard Productions to create this instructional video for patients who are considering this procedure. It allows increased efficiency in the practice, and patients get an in depth understanding with a chance to ask follow up questions of their doctor in real time. 

Alice's Restaurant @ Saint Anne's Chapel

Hannah used Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant to create a piece of dinner theater that took place in a Chapel, just a half a mile from a railroad track. The video won't do justice to the experience, but it was a mighty good time. 

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