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An Audio Tour of historically Black neighborhoods

Imagine hearing the stories of the people in the places where they happened. 

That is the goal of Truth Be Told.


To mark spaces that are unmarked.

To share stories that walk history forward.

To build a common language cross-racially.

To strengthen our understanding of community.

Our team of producers is gathering stories in the cities of Portsmouth and Newport News. Ten stories will be selected and available in the location where they took place. Listeners will be able to scan a QR code and hear the story on their phone in the space where it happened, or listen to all of the stories from anywhere just as you would a podcast. 

Have a story to share? 

In the movie version of your life--what are some of your favorite scenes and why?

How can I contribute my story? 

1.) Record your own site speicific stories and submit by uploading through the button below.

2.) Schedule a conversation with one of our producers to see if a story you have might be a good fit for this project. 
Call: 757-354-3724

*Please share your name, neighborhood, and availability. 

Meet the Team


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